If you are in the process of planning an extension, conservatory or orangery then take heed to this advice!

At 2furnish home some of our customers looking to buy conservatory furniture come to us once their development is well underway and of course they are very excited and motivated to start the fun stage of planning the interior.

Often though, conservatory furniture has not been considered in such detail to make sure that the many entrances and exits are positioned to accommodate a corner unit or a selection of sofas and armchairs.  We see some plans where there are doors to the sitting room, doors to the kitchen, bi-fold doors and then another access to the garden. Sometimes there’s only one free wall for conservatory furniture.  On occasion the only free position for furniture is with a view of the back wall of the house and not the garden!

So when you are in the early stages of planning with your appointed designer, take a pause!

Really focus on the intended usage of the room.  Is it just for you to chill in?  Will you be using this for entertaining?  In the main how many would you like to seat?  Are you thinking of having sofas and armchairs or a corner modular unit and do you have room for dining furniture too?  Finally and importantly do consider the aspect and where would you like your furniture to be positioned to get the best view.

It would be worth getting hold of a copy of a conservatory furniture brochure such as 2furnish home has available; this conveys many fabulous conservatory furniture layouts and offers much inspiration for interiors and living spaces.  Having all the furniture dimensions in the brochure will enable you to plan the exact layout to suit your needs and 2furnish home also has a free planning and design service to help you with this. Our Design Service

Much wiser to be prepared in advance and avoid disappointment further down the development or when you are relaxing in your new orangery but looking at the back of the house instead of your beautiful garden!

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