Conservatories & orangeries can have storage too!

We browse through home interest features and see stunning concepts, beautiful uncluttered conservatories, orangeries and the latest open living spaces that evoke feelings of relaxation and style.  But where is all the stuff?!  The belongings that we all gather, some practical necessities and those things we just like…and then of course there are items that we no longer need but just can’t get rid of!

I was once well advised to use all my precious belongings! What is the point of safely storing away a beautiful piece of glassware, or never using those crystal glasses? So I set about using everything that I like…and yes I now have zero Swedish crystal wine glasses but they were fun while it lasted!  The key here is to use it or lose it!  A great motto if you can be bold enough to take this on.

Furniture for storage is an important consideration, so the things that don’t need to be on show can be stowed away making room for the more attractive and aesthetically pleasing items, which can be displayed on top of cupboards, on shelves or tables.

Often conservatories and orangeries are lacking in storage because the design is all about openness, views and lots of glass!  So discrete storage is the solution.  2furnish home have several conservatory furniture storage solutions.

An example of this is the contemporary Pebble Modular banana leaf corner unit (pictured above) which has ample storage beneath all the sprung bases. All the banana leaf modular furniture pieces, including sofas, armchairs, corner seats and modular chairs contain extensive easy access large storage spaces, which provide such an excellent bonus with this contemporary corner unit. Quite a unique feature in conservatory furniture!

2furnish home offer many other storage solutions; from rattan and banana leaf cabinets & cupboards, to freestanding shelves and TV unit.  Plus there are ottomans and seat extensions of all shapes and sizes, great for putting your feet up at the end of the day but with discrete storage too. There are also many coffee tables and side tables that feature drawers and shelves.  Many tables have glass tops creating an attractive and smooth surface for you to display your items.

2furnish conservatory furniture doesn’t just look good, it is very practical too. So when some unexpected visitors arrive, you can very quickly store things away and your room will look instantly tidy!


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