Christmas is over and spring seems a long way off!  There are many dark, damp, cold nights to come!  Snuggle up with a good film, a book you can’t put down, your favourite tipple and light a candle! The world instantly feels a better place – especially if your chosen candle has an irresistible fragrance. 2furnish home’s Paddywax candles offer the most exquisite fragrances in quirky, unique and reusable vessels which use earthy materials such as urban concrete, foundry metals and natural wood.

For most of us today a candle is just a pure luxury – unless there’s a power cut of course – who of you can remember the 1970’s power cuts?  Night after relentless night, long, boring and for some (me) scary evenings, but good news for school children on the homework front!

There’s evidence of candles as far back as 3000BC and this useful pioneering object evolved in many guises to light up the world right up to 1800’s when the world was wowed with gas and then electric lights.  It’s not surprising in the modern world the ever reliable candle went into decline with the introduction of these superior methods of lighting and candles became more of a decorative item, or a marker of ceremonies such as in churches or on birthday cakes.

In the late twentieth century consumer interest in candles started to grow with the introduction of many shapes and colours and the scented candle became more and more popular.

Candles today are produced from a variety of wax substances, the most popular being paraffin, beeswax and soy wax.   They are a luxurious accessory that are enjoyed by so many, with a massive array of fragrances and designs available and often in beautifully designed and constructed candle holders that are deemed to be a work of art too.

Candles positioned in living rooms such as a conservatory or an orangery that have much glass are a splendid addition, they not only add warmth but the reflections created can be truly amazing!

2furnish home’s Paddywax range of candles are hand poured using natural soy wax, providing long burning candles with minimum soot build-up and their gorgeous vessels can be re-cycled for many purposes, once the candle is finished of course!

Brighten up your winter blues, invest in a beautiful candle!

urban candle in concrete

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